Welcome to Interpretations Altered Book pages and covers group .
This is an art group for artists that are interested in creating altered art pages and book covers to swap/trade with other artists.
The books and pages created in this group will be from the furthest depths of your imagination and creativity. A manuscript of your muse, from the world inside your head, a place you will take us all, a place we may even be afraid to visit and we may never return.
Books and pages will be filled with poetry and writings, journaling, imagery, texture, hidden passages, treasure, and heavily embellished. Each page in itself will be its own masterpiece, a reflection of your soul.
There will be specs to follow for size requirements as we swap pages to put together our own collections.
Each theme and book will be long and intense. Commitment will be beyond any art creation you have ever done.

I welcome you to your Interpretation!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Interpretations Book Page 2 Theme: Mended by Lynda Gilchuk

Interpretations Book Page 2 Theme: Mended by John Dyhouse

Interpretations Book Page 2 Theme: Mended by Lee Weber

Interpretations Book Page 2 Theme: Mended by Amy

Interpretations Book Page 2 Theme: Mended by Wendy Kirk

Interpretations Book Page 2 Theme: Mended by Jean E Roman

Interpretations Book Page 2 Theme: Mended by Kim Newberg

Interpretations Book Inside Page 1

Hi Everyone,

In the posts below are the participants and their art creations for the first page in the altered book interpretations and the book covers.

We started out by creating 2 sets of front and back covers, keeping one set for ourselves and sending the second set to a swap partner. The matched swap partner also sent a set of covers back to the the other member.

Now we are starting the inside pages of the books. Each month each participant creates 2 copies of the page. keeping one and sending one out to their partner for the month. Each month the partners change. The end of the year will give each artist a book created of their own work and a second book created by a variey of artists from around the world. Hence that is why we make 2 copies of everything.
That equals to fabulously wonderful art bookd filled with delicious art creation for every single artist that participates.
These books are priceless when it comes to receiving original art from other artists and will be something to enjoy for many many years.

The first inside page theme was "Hand Written" completely the artists' interpretation.

Some wrote by hand quotes and personal thoughts. Others included copies of hand written love letter etc. All are so very unique and interesting.

I hope you will enjoy these creations and be inspired to create something yourself.
If you are interested in joining the group for future swaps and art challenges please follow the links along the right side to the group and join.

Thanks for looking, enjoy!

Interpretations Book Page 1 Handwritten by John Dyhouse