Welcome to Interpretations Altered Book pages and covers group .
This is an art group for artists that are interested in creating altered art pages and book covers to swap/trade with other artists.
The books and pages created in this group will be from the furthest depths of your imagination and creativity. A manuscript of your muse, from the world inside your head, a place you will take us all, a place we may even be afraid to visit and we may never return.
Books and pages will be filled with poetry and writings, journaling, imagery, texture, hidden passages, treasure, and heavily embellished. Each page in itself will be its own masterpiece, a reflection of your soul.
There will be specs to follow for size requirements as we swap pages to put together our own collections.
Each theme and book will be long and intense. Commitment will be beyond any art creation you have ever done.

I welcome you to your Interpretation!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Front and Back Covers

The specs for the front and back covers are as follows:

You are to make 2 sets of front and back covers with holes.
  • Outside Front should have the title Interpretations, other than that it is entirely up to you.
  • Inside Front should include your thoughts about this book even though you are unaware of how the story will unfold for each page from the other artists.
  • Inside Back cover should have your artist information that you are the designer of the cover of the book.
  • Outside Back cover should of course match the Front cover in a basic way.
Remember you are sending one set of covers to your first swap partner.

Must be completed and in the mail Dec 31 2010

Post pics of both sets of covers to the Interpretations Discussion Post for the Front and Back Covers.

Include a gift packet for your swap partner.

Here are a few snippets of images from Jean's covers that she has shared the progress on. I can't wait to see the finished results.

You can see more of Jean's progress on her blog.

My own covers are going to be losely based on the avatar and background of this blog. I will post the progress very soon.

Thanks for viewing

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  1. Mine are in the works... think I'll keep mine secret until my partner hets it in the mail!!